Which degree programs qualify?

Always speak with your program's academic counselor to ensure that your program qualifies for reduced fees under UC Policy PPSM-51: Reduced Fee Enrollment.

Most degree programs are eligible for reduced fees. However, there are some exceptions. Regular university courses of study that receive university funding are eligible; some programs are self-funded solely through tuition or other funding sources, and these programs are not eligible.

Under UC Policy PPSM-51, students are limited to the number of classes and units they are enrolled in per quarter: " .... 9 units or three courses, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee." Speak with your program's academic counselor to verify if your degree program can be completed with these class and unit restrictions.

In addition, review the section "What is the fee reduction?" to see which fees are eligible for reduction in your academic program.

Examples of programs that are not eligible for reduced fees:      

  • Executive MBA Program (EMBA)
  • Fully Employed MBA Program (FEMBA)
  • Health Care MBA (HCEMBA)
  • Master of Advanced Study in Criminology, Law, and Society
  • Master of Legal and Forensic Psychology
  • Master of Conservation & Restoration Science
  • Master of Public Accountancy
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Embedded Cyber Physical Systems
  • Master of Human-Computer Interaction & Design
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master of Laws
  • Master of Science in Pharmacology
  • UCI ACCESS courses offered through Division of Continuing Education
  • Summer School courses
  • Master of Science in Nursing may not be eligible due to course load requirements. Please verify with program counselors.