Career and Professional Development

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UC Core Competencies

The UC Core Competency Model describes the skills that successful UC employees should have. To find training opportunities by competency, search the “UC Core Competencies” section of the UC Learning Center Catalog.

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Assess and Plan

  • ASSESS - Attend a workshop and identify which competencies are critical to develop for your current or a future job
  • PLAN - Use a Professional Development Plan to help you manage your goals. Attend workshops to gain skills in areas such as resume-writing, interviewing, and job-seeking.

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Development Opportunities

Discover educational discounts and programs for UCI staff.

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External Training Resources

The following is a list of local vendors who supply training opportunities.

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Professional Development Activities

Approximately 10% of our learning comes from formal training. Twenty percent of learning comes from others (mentors, colleagues, friends, etc.), while 70% of our learning comes from doing. Here are examples of things you can do to learn during your day-to-day activities. 

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