Staff Achievement and Recognition Award (STAR)


The UC Office of the President has developed guidelines for a system wide recognition program, called the Staff Achievement and Recognition (STAR) Plan, to acknowledge and reward exemplary performance and contributions by employees in the UC system. It is governed by Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 34 and provides guidelines for all University cash recognition awards. Cash award bonuses are discretionary and payments are made in recognition of past performance or contributions.


The STAR Plan enables managers to recognize, acknowledge and reward employees for exceptional performance, creativity, organizational abilities, work success, teamwork, and/or significant contributions related to and supportive of individual, departmental, divisional, and/or organizational goals and objectives.

Types of STAR Awards

    • Achievement Awards (up to $10,000)

For sustained, exceptional performance and/or significant contributions above and beyond normal performance expectations. May be awarded to an individual or team.

    • Recognition Awards (up to $1,000)

For special contributions to a specific project or task, or group of projects or tasks, accomplished over a relatively short time period. May be awarded to  an individual or team

    • Excellence in Leadership (up to $1,000)

For exceptional leaders who inspire employees to focus their individual talents on the goals of the organization and contribute at the highest level and are guardians of the culture and exemplars in living the organization’s values. (see "Excellence in Leadership Award.")