UC People Management Series Overview

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We are excited to tell you about the newest course additions - the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series – six eCourses designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University.   The program further reinforces the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These courses are part of the Core Courses required to complete this UC People Management Series and Certificate.

These courses can be completed individually, or together as a series to earn the UC Managing Implicit Bias Certificate.  As a UC People Manager, being aware of implicit bias and how it impacts the way we work and interact with others is especially important. 

If you have already received your UC People Management Series Certificate, Completing the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series will also be a requirement in order to attend the UC People Management Conference.


The UC People Management Series is a self-directed and self-paced certificate program consisting of standard system-wide courses, and courses offered at the local level.

The series addresses three (3) UC People Management competencies:.

      • Employee
      • Organization
      • Workplace

The competencies are broken out into the following topics:

      • Managing Implicit Bias
      • Performance Management
      • Managing People
      • Administration and Operations
      • Change Management
      • Communication


The purpose of the UC People Management Series is to:

      • Build a baseline of management skills for all people managers and those interested in people management
      • Increase opportunity for promotion and potential for future leadership positions through early development of people management competencies
      • Standardize people management training across the University of California

Who Should Complete

  • All people managers are strongly encourage to complete this series.
  • Staff aspiring to manage people are recommended to complete this series.

Obtaining the Certificate of Completion

To receive the UC People Management Series Certificate of Completion, the following requirements must be met:

      1. Complete all ten (16) Core courses **UPDATE** Additional Core Courses Added
        • Select "Core Courses: Employee (Complete All)" from above left navigation box
          • Following the instructions, select and complete each course
        • Select "Core Courses: Implicit Bias (Complete All) from the left navigation box
          • Following the instructions, select and complete each course
      2. Complete One from each of Four Topics
        •  Choose four elective courses - one from each topic area - by selecting from each title in the above left navigation box:
          • Complete One: Managing People Topic
          • Complete One: Administration and Operations Topic
          • Complete One: Change Management Topic
          • Complete One: Communications Topic
      3. Access your certification of completion:
        • Login to the UC Learning Center
        • Find the activity “CURRICULUM: UC People Management Series and Certificate”
          • Alternatively, you may choose "CURRICULUM: UC Managing Implicit Bias" to print that certificate
        • Click on the activity name, and a window will open for that activity
        • In the top right corer, select the drop down arrow from the OPTIONS button
        • Select DIPLOMA
        • Select EXPORT TO PDF
        • Save (and print) your diploma