Management Skills Assessment Program

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This program has been suspended for 2024

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is designed to assess the management skills of early career supervisors and managers and to explore the range of skills necessary for effective management.

It fosters institutional loyalty from the manager and supervisor participants, and benefits sponsoring departments and their campuses by helping participants clarify areas of strength and development needs.

Participants will be expected to demonstrate management skills in simulation exercises, and experienced University managers will provide feedback in a safe environment. Participants use the feedback to support skill enhancement to improve job performance, role effectiveness, and to plan professional development and goals with their supervisors.

Applicant Selection Criteria

The highest priority goes to those managers who meet the following criteria:

  • High-potential, "regular status" (past probation, career staff) managers.
  • One or more years of UC service as of the application deadline.
  • One to five years in current job.
  • One to five years of experience supervising or managing people or projects.
  • Current Professional 3, Professional 4, Professional 5, Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2, or Manager 1 level job title code
  • Must have two or more direct reports or person who has received direction or supervision from you that can complete a 360 asessment of you as their supervisor. 
  • Supervisor recommendation submitted in the online application system by application deadline is required for selection consideration.
  • Supervisor post-program support is required for applicant success in the program.

Pre-work Requirements

  • Selected participants and backup participants must attend a mandatory one hour orientation with their supervisor.
  • Selected participants and back up participants need to complete a timed, 90 minute exercise and a written exercise prior to attendance.
  • Supervisors are required and participants' colleagues will be invited to complete a 360 assessment for the participant that may take up to 45 minutes.

Program Dates, Cost, and Application

Please visit the Central MSAP website for program dates, cost, and to complete an application. 

  • The program takes place twice per year, in the Spring and Fall. 
  • The application deadlines for UCI staff are as follows:
    • Spring Program: third Friday of January
    • Fall Program: third Friday of June
  • Applicants may apply for both the Spring and Fall programs of the same year, at the same time.
  • Applicant's supervisor is required to complete an online recommendation by the application deadline.


Desiree Fleming, Learning and Development Analyst, Human Resources