Development Activities

The following is a list of activities that you can use to develop your professional skills and experience.

For assistance creating a development plan and discovering which development activities support the competency most helpful to your own professional development, contact for a competency needs assessment and assistance creating a development plan. 


  • Job Rotation
  • Stretch (a project or task that is beyond current skill level or knowledge)
  • Temporary
  • Job shadow

Off-the-job Opportunities

  • Joining/leading community groups
  • Trying a new skill in a volunteer organization
  • Giving presentations to civic groups


  • Work Groups
  • Presentations

On-the-job Opportunities


  • Change functions
  • Change shifts
  • Work with new people
  • Job shadow


  • Readings/Self-study
  • Professional organizations
  • College/University programs
  • Seminars
  • Expert consultation
  • Model someone who has what you need
  • Try new things outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn the causes of mistakes

Develop in Place

  • Mentor/be mentored
  • Individual projects
  • Perspective-building
  • Tough challenge
  • Shift size of job
  • Network


  • New team
  • New system/service/process


  • Formal performance assessment (e.g. 360), feedback from various sources
  • Informal solicitation of opinions from those who work with you
  • Identify a natural mentor - someone who is interested in your success and future