Management Development Program

Program Objectives      

The Management Development Program (MDP) is an investment in you as a manager. As a UC manager, you drive results that directly influence the success of the University of California and the communities we serve. MDP is here to support your efforts. You’ll connect with peers from across your individual location, share challenges and work together to find effective solutions.

MDP is a dynamic systemwide training program that is designed to enhance and strengthen your leadership capabilities in the UC core competencies and ensure you have the skills, knowledge and resources to effectively lead, engage, and develop your team. The program consists of completing four modules focused around the UC Core Competencies of people management, employee engagement and change management.

  • Module 1 - Manager Redefined: The role of managers today is different from what it was just a few short years ago.  This module explores what is required of managers today and focuses on four key areas: role of the manager, building authenticity and trust, executing tasks through others, and developing and engaging people.
  • Module 2 - Employee Engagement: Employee engagement goes beyond pure motivation to complete a task or do a job. Organizations with high levels of employee engagement are more efficient, have higher productivity and perform better financially than those that don’t. This module discusses what engagement is and the manager’s role in enabling team engagement.
  • Module 3 - Exercising Influence: More and more, managers find themselves having to affect an organizational outcome or motivate someone to take action without having direct authority over the situation or the person in question. This module focuses on influence, a key skill in today’s work environment.
  • Module 4 - Leading Change and Managing Transition: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” This module identifies the manager’s role in understanding, communicating and leading change and transition.

Participant Eligibility and Requirements 

  1. Current position must be one of the following campus:

    • Supervisor
    • Manager of supervisors or managers
    • Leader of a division or functional area
    • Leader of complex operational programs or projects that are university-wide or across location departments or divisions
  2. Attend all four full-day modules from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  3. Complete the required Pre-Work for Modules 1, 3, and 4 prior to attending the sessions. Total approximate work time is two hours.
  4. Have supervisor support and approval to participate.  Participant is responsible for obtaining supervisor approval before registering for the program.

This information reflects the MDP requirements for campus staff. Staff of UC Irvine Health should contact Helen Ojeda with UC Irvine Health Organizational Effectiveness team for more information.

Program Fees**UPDATE**

  • Program fee is $825, payable by department recharge. Fee covers course materials costs.
  • Lunch is not provided.

Scheduled Series


Fall 2017 - Four full-day modules from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. in the HR Training Room

  • All registration steps, or cancellations, must be completed by Friday, September 15.

How to Register

  1. Register by searching "MDP" in the UC Learning Center.
    1. NOTE: If you cannot find the course in the UC Learning Center, then you may not be coded as a supervisor in the Payroll Personnel System.
    2. You are not enrolled if you have not registered in the UC Learning Center. Skipping this step may result in you being placed on a waitlist.
  2. Complete the MDP Participant and Payment Information (Fall 2017)

Registration Cancellation Policy 

  • There will be no refunds for cancellations occurring after the registration deadline
  • There will be no refunds or discounts for missed modules. Funds are used to pay for non-refundable program material costs.  Participants may make up missed modules by registering
    for future classes and may be required to pay additional fees if there has been an increase in cost of materials.

Required Classes

Fall 2017

Module 1: Tuesday, September 19

Module 2: Tuesday, October 24

Module 3: Tuesday, November 28

Module 4: Tuesday, December 19

Registration Deadline: Friday, September 15

**Note the new fees.